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As a Care For Hedland member, you will be joining a diverse demographic of supporters of the Association including residents, local businesses, industry, community and indigenous representation from Port and South Hedland and Wedgefield. Your generosity helps Care For Hedland by supporting a range of programs, including seasonal Flatback turtle monitoring, recycling initiatives, regular clean ups, gardening workshops and educational talks at schools and daycares. Members can also receive a 10% discount on gardening supplies at South Hedland Home Hardware.

All members will receive a welcome pack with a membership card and plenty of goodies!


Single membership: $25

Family membership: $40

Corporate membership: $100

Turtle Adoption

Adopt your very own Hedland Flatback turtle and support our turtle monitoring program! This unique package features a nesting turtle recorded on Hedland’s nesting beaches.

Individual adoption: $100

Adoption certificate with stats about your Hedland Flatback turtle
2 postcards
Small turtle toy
Customised nesting report
Single Care For Hedland membership

Corporate adoption: $500

Name your turtle
Framed adoption certificate with stats about your Hedland Flatback turtle
10 postcards
Medium turtle toy
Customised nesting report
Corporate Care For Hedland membership


Care For Hedland has a range of fun merchandise available for purchase. All funds raised from the sale of these items go towards running the Association’s current programs and delivering great events and projects to the community of Port Hedland.

We are a small team located in a regional town and kindly ask for your patience and understanding in case of delayed purchase orders. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


Care For Hedland is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on support from the community to run its community-based environmental projects like the Flatback turtle monitoring program, Hedland Garden Club and recycling and litter prevention initiatives. Donating to Care For Hedland will contribute to keeping Hedland an environmentally-aware and strong community in which people want to live (and all donations are tax-deductible!). Thank you for your generosity!