Care for Hedland has a primary objective to raise awareness of local environmental issues of the Hedland township as well as the surrounding Pilbara region. Communicating directly with government, businesses, industries and the whole community is a priority of the Association, to ensure that environmental goals for Hedland are achieved. The education program aims to provide appropriate methods for providing environmental education and awareness of local issues to the diverse target market.

Currently, Care for Hedland hosts a range of informative training sessions and workshops for the community to be involved in to learn about particular environmental issues of the town (gardening workshops, turtle monitoring training, recycling and litter prevention).

Our education program aspires to educate children and students who are the future of Hedland. These programs aim to target preschoolers right through to high school students through story-telling, presentations and competitions and we hope to further engage and integrate beneficial activities with students in the future.

If you would like more information or for Care For Hedland to come to your primary school, high school or daycare, email our Association Coordinator at